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Impacting Costs and Complexity of the Global Manufacturing Chain

The effect of initiatives like RoHS, REACH, NEMA, IP65, UL, CE and CSA can be felt in the manufacturing supply chain around the globe, right down to each small electrical component. These standards are aimed to protect people and the planet, as well as create some standardization. And they affect consumer goods, as well as industrial applications.

Rules Implemented in Other Countries Can Have Big Impacts Here

When legislation was passed in Europe to create RoHS, it affected US manufacturers that sell anything there.  Although the manufacturer is ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance of the product, they are pushing some of that responsibility to the suppliers of components.  In some cases, manufacturers require certification of each individual component directly from its supplier.

Remke is here to help with all types of electrical connector compliance. This article is the first in a series of blog posts that will cover the major regulations and how they affect our customers.

We realize the soaring costs for complying with complicated regulations for cord connectors and wire mesh grips and molded connectors and cordsets. Not only in some of the materials required, but in the inspection, certification and logistics processes as well. The regulations need regulators and those usually come with paperwork and other requirements. Everyone is seeing their costs increase.

Navigating the compliance and certification system can also be difficult, especially in a niche area like electrical connectors. That’s where Remke can help. We know the regulations and can match a stock product or create custom connectors for complicated specifications in our Flexible Solutions program.

Remke works with cutting-edge materials like rubber, silicon and stainless steel, which are inherently safer, stronger and last longer than traditional metals, and comply with many of today’s regulations.

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