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There are so many options for MC Cable Connectors, finding the best MC Fitting, and the right manufacturer, can be a chore. But we’ve made it easier!

Since we’ve been working so hard on this product line over the past few months, and perfecting our own offering of MC Connectors, we thought it may be helpful to show you what we have compared to the competition.

Remke is the ONLY manufacturer that has the unique, one-piece design that makes installation so much simpler!

Here’s the basic rundown of MC Cable Fittings from the top manufacturers.

MC Connector Competitor Matrix

In addition to the basic construction of MC Connectors, there are major differences in the availability of in-stock connectors with all the sizes you need for a perfect fit. Remke has more than anyone!

Download the rest of the MC Connector competitor matrix here and see all the sizes and options available.