Choose The Right Cable Connector Or Cord Grip For Your Specs

Get exactly what you need for your next application with this checklist

Consider the Product You Need

• Metallic or non-metallic connector body material
• Cable O.D.
• Knockout size
• Male or female, straight, 90-degree or 45-degree
• Connector body size relative to space available
• Wire mesh strain relief
• Locknuts and O-rings
• Threading type
• Single or multiple hole bushings
• Environmental elements for point of termination
• Compliance ratings for NEMA and IP
• UL, CSA, RoHS certifications
• Specialized product specs

Consider the Supplier Capabilities

• Product origin – Is it made in the USA?
• Customer support staff – Are they from the factory? Are they local?
• Stock availability – Is a product with your specs in stock?
• Lead times – How fast can you get a standard or custom connector?
• Quantities – Can you break a box? What are the minimums?
• Returns – Can you send it back if it doesn’t work?
• Specs – Can a connector be customized exactly how you need?
• ISO Certified – Is your supplier ISO Certified?
• Quoting – Can you get a quote easily?

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