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Remke Proudly Makes USA Made Products

As we get ready for the 4th of July holiday, we can’t help but get a little patriotic about our country, and the connectors we make right here in Chicago IL, USA.

Many of the electrical connectors you can find from other manufacturers are made somewhere else in the world and shipped here. We all know what that does to our own national economy. Those other connectors are keeping people employed in other parts of the planet.

Remke Makes Cable and Cord Connectors in the USA to Keep Americans Working!

USA Made Cable Connectors by Remke

We also source as many of our raw materials from the US as possible, ensuring work for our American family in all parts of the supply chain. Whether it’s stainless steel or silicone, aluminum or rubber, every component we use is made as close to home as we can get it.

As we take time with our families this coming weekend, we hope you can do the same. And as you do, look for products made in the USA no matter what you’re purchasing! From picnic supplies to beach essentials, gardening tools to patio furniture, you can support American workers by buying products they make.

Have a wonderful Independence Day!!