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Remke’s Family of Micro-Link Molded Connectors and Cordsets

Our line of rugged M12, Single and Dual Keyway Molded Cable Connectors Enhance Environmental Protection. Choose from Remke’s family of Micro-Link connectors to get the job done right the first time with durable connectors that are molded…
M12 Ethernet Cables and Connectors

M12 Ethernet Connectors for Harsh Environments

Industrial-Strength M12 Ethernet Cable Connectors Withstand the Elements If you seek a secure data connection within the manufacturing, process control, or factory automation industries, and you deal with harsh environments, the Remke M12 Ethernet…
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Remke Custom Solutions Spotlight: Distribution Box

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When the connector you need doesn’t exist in a standard line, talk to Remke! Persistent electrical problems can be costly, counter-productive and down right frustrating. And they aren’t something you just have to “deal with” based on…
Silicone Connectors for High Temps - Remke Blog

Molded Silicone Cable Connectors for Extreme Temps

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Silicone Cable Connectors are Ideal for Extreme Hot or Cold Temperatures Mini-Link™ Electrical Connectors & Cordsets molded with Silicone are ideally suited for industrial applications for very hot or cold temperatures, extreme temperature…
Eliminate hand wiring with customized connectors from Remke

Enough with the Hand Wiring!

Hand wiring vs. quick-disconnect molded cordsets Maybe there are some applications where using hand-wired connectors solve the problem.  But this situation is not one of them! A manufacturer of flow measurement & control products was…
Molded Connectors Micro-link Purchasing List from Remke Industries

Connecting You to Custom Micro-Link Connector Solutions

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Nothing is considered standard at Remke Inc. We specialize in connecting possibilities, and often forging those secure connections requires thinking outside the box, or electrical connector. Through our extensive Engineering Solutions program,…
Molded Connectors Micro-link Purchasing List from Remke Industries

Remke Mini-Link Molded Connectors Purchasing List

Choosing The Right Molded Connectors When deciding which molded connectors will give you optimum performance, there are many factors to consider. A lot rides on these connectors, also called Quick Disconnects, and peak performance is crucial.…
Tips to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors from Remke Industries

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors

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Electrical connectors and cord grips are an essential component of most if not all industrial applications. If electrical connectors fail, leak, or degrade, your entire system can breakdown along with them – leaving you with costly downtime…
B and C-Size Mini-Link Connectors from Remke

Remke Mini-Link Molded Cordsets – Secure Connections for Demanding Applications

Do you need molded connectors that can stand up to abuse and/or extreme temperatures? Remke’s Mini-Link Molded Connectors and Cordsets are ideally suited for heavy-duty applications where flexibility and resistance to stress, abuse, and harsh…
Maximizing Operational Uptime in Manufacturing - Remke Blog

Plug & Play Components to Maximize Operational Uptime

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Maximize Operational Uptime with Plug & Play components on the Plant Floor. Today, manufacturers have more connectivity choices than ever.  They can integrate control devices into the sub-systems and machines on the plant floor.  On-Machine…