Eliminate hand wiring with customized connectors from Remke

Enough with the Hand Wiring!

See how custom-shielded connectors solve numerous problems created by hand-wiring, including a 360-degree shielding and tamper-resistant components.

Whitepaper: Custom Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors

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Remke makes choosing the right connector easier. Download the latest white paper from Remke about stainless steel electrical connector customization today!
Nickel Plated Aluminum Cord Grips by Remke

Nickel-Plated Aluminum Cord Grips

If you need reliable cord and cable grips that are resistant to corrosion and harsh environments, but fit well within a tight budget, you should consider Remke's line of Nickel-Plated Aluminum Cord Grips! Read more about this product and its applications below.
Learn More About the Two Common Misconceptions about Custom Electrical Connectors & Cord Grip Add-ons with Information from Remke Industries

Two Common Misconceptions about Custom Electrical Connectors & Cord Grip Add-ons

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Let’s talk through two key electrical connector misconceptions, showing you our extensive and affordable customization and cord grip add-on capabilities. Learn more today!
Molded Connectors Micro-link Purchasing List from Remke Industries

Remke Mini-Link Molded Connectors Purchasing List

Take a look at how Remke stacks up with supplier and product considerations for Mini-Link Molded Connectors in our purchasing list, including what to look for in a supplier and our main options for molded connectors!
Custom Connectors from Remke Industries Engineered Solutions

Remke Custom Electrical Connectors

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Remke’s new infographic outlines all the options for quality custom connectors through our Engineered Solutions Team. Check it out!
Melni connectors for direct burial and submersible applications; crimpless butt splice connectors - Remke.com/blog

Introducing the MELNI Crimpless Butt Splice Connectors

Remke’s new Melni Crimpless Butt Splice Connectors make direct burial and submersive applications faster and safer reducing time exposed to live wires and taking crimping out of the equation!
Tips to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors from Remke Industries

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors

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Electrical connectors are essential components of industrial settings, but not all are created equal. Learn how to improve the reliability of cord grips, cable glands, molded cordsets and more with options from Remke.
Cord grips, cable glands and all types of industrial electrical connectors - Blog.Remke.com

Remke Cord Grips and Cable Connectors

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It’s understandable for a product like electrical cable connectors and cord grips, widely used in all types of industrial plants, to be called a commodity. They are used literally anywhere that a cable or conduit connects to some type of machine or enclosure. But does that mean they are a commodity product, right?
Remke cable connectors & cord grips are designed for heavy duty electrical connector applications.

Seal Out the Elements with Remke Connectors

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Get industrial-strength cable strain relief with Remke cord grips and cable connectors for any heavy duty application – contact us to learn more!