Nickel Plated Aluminum Cord Grips by Remke

Nickel-Plated Aluminum Cord Grips

Did you know that nickel-plated aluminum cord grips are a cost effective solution to stainless-steel? Providing exceptional abrasion and corrosion resistance, especially in the most severe conditions, nickel-plated aluminum cord grips are considered…
Remke Custom Stainless Steel Connectors Whitepaper for Engineered Solutions

Custom Stainless Steel Connectors & Cord Grips

The Newest Whitepaper from Remke Industries The Right Connector Makes All the Difference The harshest environments require the most durable and dependable electrical connector material available. One size connector doesn’t fit all, that’s…
Learn More About the Two Common Misconceptions about Custom Electrical Connectors & Cord Grip Add-ons with Information from Remke Industries

Two Common Misconceptions about Custom Electrical Connectors & Cord Grip Add-ons

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In our experience as a key manufacturer of customized electrical connectors, cord grips, and add-ons, we’ve run into a couple misconceptions and over and over again. These over-generalized assumptions inhibit the productivity of our prospects…
Melni connectors for direct burial and submersible applications; crimpless butt splice connectors -

Introducing the MELNI Crimpless Butt Splice Connectors

Rated for Submersible & Direct Burial – A Smarter Crimpless Connector In 2017, Remke rolled out the Melni BD-2HL, a 2-hole lug that has revolutionized the electrical industry by taking crimping out of the equation. It’s 2018 now, and…
Valox Cord Grips & Connectors for Extreme Conditions from Remke for Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications for Remke Valox Cord Grips

Non-metallic Electrical Connectors and Cord Grips are a Must-Use Under Extremely Corrosive Conditions That’s why Remke manufactures corrosion-free, non-metallic and waterproof connectors and cord grips designed to withstand the long-term effects…
Tips to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors from Remke Industries

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors

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Electrical connectors and cord grips are an essential component of most if not all industrial applications. If electrical connectors fail, leak, or degrade, your entire system can breakdown along with them – leaving you with costly downtime…
Cord grips, cable glands and all types of industrial electrical connectors -

Remke Cord Grips and Cable Connectors

Tailored to Individual Fit and Function It’s understandable for a product like electrical cable connectors and cord grips, widely used in all types of industrial plants, to be called a commodity. These products are used literally anywhere…

Seal Out the Elements with Remke Connectors

Cable Connectors & Cord Grips for Any Heavy-Duty Application Made with Tuff-Seal technology and engineered to provide a secure connection, our Tuff-Seal cord grips and cable connectors are built to withstand even the harshest elements. The…
BD-2HL Melni Connectors from Remke

Introducing New Melni Connectors!

Take Crimping Out of the Equation The Melni BD-2HLS connector has changed the game in the electrical industry. A mechanical connector that replaces existing commercial mechanical and crimp-style connectors, its spiral insert technology simplifies…
Helio-Seal Liquidtight Connectors for Solar Panel Rooftop Installation_Remke Industries

Helio-Seal Liquidtight Solar Cable Connectors Save Time & Money

When you need faster connections at a lower cost, Remke’s Helio-Seal Liquidtight Cord Grips are the answer. Our Helio-Seal Liquidtight Connectors are ideal for projects involving solar panel rooftop installation because they work in conjunction…