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Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors Brochure

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A Simple, Printed Catalog is STILL a Great Reference In this great age of technology, there is value to holding a brochure in your hands, seeing all of the information laid out in front of you, and not needing to scroll through a page. Remke…
Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors Manufacturer Comparison - Remke Blog

Stainless Steel Cable Connectors - A Manufacturer Comparison

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Not All Stainless Steel Electrical Connector Manufacturers are Created Equal. Remke delivers more options, more stock connectors and more sizes than most! From the size to the type of steel, number of parts in stock to the bushing options available, Remke has more stainless steel connectors.
M12 Ethernet Cables and Connectors

M12 Ethernet Connectors for Harsh Environments

Industrial-Strength M12 Ethernet Cable Connectors Withstand the Elements If you seek a secure data connection within the manufacturing, process control, or factory automation industries, and you deal with harsh environments, the Remke M12 Ethernet…
Reduce Repair and Troubleshooting Time with the Right Electrical Connectors - Remke Blog

Remke Custom Solutions Spotlight: Distribution Box

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When the connector you need doesn’t exist in a standard line, talk to Remke! Persistent electrical problems can be costly, counter-productive and down right frustrating. And they aren’t something you just have to “deal with” based on…
Silicone Connectors for High Temps - Remke Blog

Molded Silicone Cable Connectors for Extreme Temps

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Silicone Cable Connectors are Ideal for Extreme Hot or Cold Temperatures Mini-Link™ Electrical Connectors & Cordsets molded with Silicone are ideally suited for industrial applications for very hot or cold temperatures, extreme temperature…
Remke Blog Multiple Hole Bushings Infographic - Remke.com

Multiple Hole Bushings for Better Electrical Termination

Save Money and Space with Multiple Hole Bushings Reduce equipment and labor costs, and reduce the space needed to terminate cables. Multiple hole bushings allow you to terminate several loose cables and conductors into a single cord grip with…
Strain Relief Cable Glands with Dome Cap - Remke Blog

Which Single Component is Used in Hot Tubs, Robotics and Dental Equipment?

How Electrical Connectors Tie Our World Together Could you answer the question?  Did you say maybe some sort of sealant or fastener? What if the question had said ELECTRICAL PRODUCT? Would you have guessed the answer is a dome cap cable…
Eliminate hand wiring with customized connectors from Remke

Enough with the Hand Wiring!

Hand wiring vs. quick-disconnect molded cordsets Maybe there are some applications where using hand-wired connectors solve the problem.  But this situation is not one of them! A manufacturer of flow measurement & control products was…

Whitepaper: Custom Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors

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Electrical connectors may be small, but their role is critical. Choosing the right connector will help the whole system run smoothly - and most times, it doesn’t take much. We develop custom stainless steel connectors & cord grips from…
Nickel Plated Aluminum Cord Grips by Remke

Nickel-Plated Aluminum Cord Grips

Did you know that nickel-plated aluminum cord grips are a cost effective solution to stainless-steel? Providing exceptional abrasion and corrosion resistance, especially in the most severe conditions, nickel-plated aluminum cord grips are considered…