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Compliance for Remke Cable Connectors

Remke Cable Connectors and Cord Grips are in compliance with regulations across the board! This guide will help you determine which materials and products you need to comply with your application. Find IP & NEMA Ratings plus UL, CSA, NEC,…
IP Rated Electrical Connectors for Prevent Ingress of Dust, Dirt, Solids and Water - Remke Blog

IP-Rated Electrical Connectors

Ensure Connectors are IP Rated for Each Type of Application IP Rated connectors follow the IP Code, or Ingress Protection Rating, (also known as International Protection Rating), which outlines the degree of protection provided by electrical…
NEMA MC Cable Standards

New NEMA MC-Cable Standards

New NEMA Standards for MC Cable Fittings The amended NEMA MC Cable Standards, FB 2.20-2014 details revised guidelines for installation of MC Cable Fittings. and also covers AC and NM cable, FMC, LFMC and LFNC conduit that NEMA members manufacture. The…
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CSA Compliant Electrical Connectors

Remke Meets and Exceeds Many Set CSA Standards CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Regulations for electrical components are some of the original standards developed. Since 1927, they have been keeping people safer with improved equipment…
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NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X Rated Electrical Connectors

NEMA Standards rate different grades of electrical enclosures based on the level of protection in various environments. Natural elements like wind, dust and water are included in the criteria, along with chemicals, coolants, oil and corrosive…
RoHS compliant electrical components

RoHS Compliance for Electrical Connectors

RoHS regulations restrict the use of specific, dangerous substances that are commonly used in electronics and electrical connectors. RoHS compliant cord connectors, cable glands and wire mesh grips help protect the environment. RoHS electronic…
REACH Compliance for electrical connectors

REACH Compliance for Electrical Components

Chemicals used in creating electrical connectors require compliance with REACH regulations of the European Union, whether they are shipped to, or manufactured there.   “REACH regulations were adopted to improve the protection of human health…
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Compliance for Electrical Connectors

Impacting Costs and Complexity of the Global Manufacturing Chain The effect of initiatives like RoHS, REACH, NEMA, IP65, UL, CE and CSA can be felt in the manufacturing supply chain around the globe, right down to each small electrical component.…