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Question: What is up to 5 Inches in Diameter & Won’t Rust?

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Answer: A new Remke Stainless Steel Cord Connector. Think about it.  A wastewater treatment plant decides to eliminate future downtime in what is truly a nasty environment by working with Remke to develop a Stainless Steel Cord Connector in…
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Looking for Stainless Steel Connectors that Won’t Take Forever to Reach You?

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Forever is Actually a Couple of Days at Remke Only Remke offers you Stainless Steel Cord Connectors that are IN STOCK in sizes up to 3 inches. Compare manufacturers and see for yourself! Since 1998, Remke has been manufacturing Type 304…
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The Hidden Truth

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It is pretty easy for a product that is widely used in all types of industrial plants to be called a commodity.  Take cord connectors (or cord grips) for example. These products are used anywhere – literally – that a cable or conduit connects…