Digital Kidnapping, ransomware and how to prevent it from happening to your business - Remke Blog

Secure Your Business Against Digital Kidnapping

Digital kidnapping with ransomware is a growing threat to business. Learn what it is, how to prevent it with cybersecurity and what to do if you're attacked.
3D Graphene New Strongest Material cropped

A New Strongest Material Known to Man - 3D Graphene

For years, graphene has been the strongest material known to man. But now there's 3D graphene. And it's design is something out of this world!
Leadership Skills for Employees - Remke Blog

Leadership vs. Authority

Can you be an authority, but not a leader? Can you be a leader with no real authority? Yes! Leadership is more than a job title and authority is only that.
New Years Eve Ball Lit Up

Engineering the New Years Eve Ball

What's Going on Inside the New Years Eve Ball in 2017? There're more than meets the eye when it comes to dazzling the crowd in Times Square! The great people at Gizmodo did the research and found what makes the giant lighted New Years Eve ball…
Refresh Creativity Motivation with 28 TED Talks by HubSpot - Remke Blog

Refresh Creativity & Motivation: 28 TED Talks

A Goldmine of Great TED Talks to Refresh Creativity & Motivation in Your World We've come to really appreciate TED Talks over the past year. It's such a great way to learn new approaches, explore a world full of ideas and generally get inspired…
Manufacturing innovation and big thinking - advice from Google at Industry Week Conference 2016 - Remke Blog

Manufacturing Innovation and Big Thinking - Advice from Google

"Innovation is in the DNA of Manufacturers" Mike Walton, an executive at Google gave a keynote speech at Industry Week's Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo. He says that manufacturing innovation requires a "culture of innovation"…
Building new habits in life and business TED Talks - Remke Blog

Start Building New Habits in 13 Minutes: TED Talks

In a few minutes, learn new foundations for building new habits with these 2 short TED Talks. If you struggle with breaking bad habits this blog is for you! We present 2 TED Talks that tackle the subject with unique approaches to building…
Engage Employees and Improve Business - Remke Blog

Engage Your Employees and Improve Your Business

Engaged Employees are Happier and More Productive Studies have been done and the numbers are in… when employees, at all levels, are engaged and have similar goals in mind, business thrives. Engaged employees are more likely to follow safety…
NEMA Electroindustry Business Conditions Index EBCI Mar 2016 - Remke Blog

March Shows Sharp Increase in NEMA Businesses Conditions Indexes

A 20.3 Point Increase in the Most Recent EBCI for Current Conditions in North America NEMA's Electroindustry Business Conditions Index (EBCI) for March 2016 shows a sharp, 20.3 point increase from February 2016, growing from 44.4 to 64.7.   The…
Cost of a Bad Hire and How to Fix It - Remke Blog

The Cost of a Bad Hire and How to Fix It

Improve Hiring Practices and Reduce HR Costs Hiring new employees is never easy, but improving your hiring practices can pay off tenfold in the long run. The cost of a bad hire can reach staggering proportions when you consider opportunity…