A catalog of Remke's Stainless Steel Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh

Connector Talk: Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh

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Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh are NOT All Made Alike The utilitarian deluxe cord grip with mesh may not get a lot of attention, but it is without a doubt one of the most in-demand electrical connector types.  Used mainly in industrial applications…
TED Talk Ideas for the Future of Manufacturing from the Remke Blog

TED Talk: Why We Need To Move Manufacturing Off-Planet

Could space be the answer to our problems? In this TED Talk from James Orsulak, he explores the intersection of space, resources, and what this means for the future of manufacturing.
Remke Article Featured in Connector Supplier eBook - Blog.Remke.com

Remke Article On Custom Cord Grips Featured In Connector Supplier E-Book

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Remke Industries is proud to share that our latest article entitled, “Five Things To Consider When Specifying Custom Cord Grips” was featured in the latest e-book by Connector Supplier.
5 Things You May Not Know About the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop from Remke - Remke.com

5 Things You May Not Know About the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

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At Remke, we love watching the ball drop every year and enjoy providing our readers with fun facts about the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop!
Holiday lighting options - Blog.remke.com

New Technology is Changing the Way You Light Up the Holidays

Searching for the best and brightest holiday light displays is a fun holiday tradition. And, as you may have noticed, every year has some new and unique lighting trends.
Pioneers in Electrical Engineering - Remke.com

Great People in Electrical Engineering

Learn more about the great people in electrical engineering that helped paved the way to bring us the powered world of today!
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Innovations in Energy Management – Solar Superiority

New technology is playing a major role in redefining renewable energy. Learn more about the latest innovations in solar energy on our latest Remke blog!
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Remke Customer Application Stories

Through our many customer application stories, see how our top-quality connectors can be used in a vast range of applications, all across the country!
TED Talk: Meet Spot and How Remke Plays a Part of New Technology

TED Talk: Meet Spot – the robot dog that can run, hop and open doors!

Explore this new Ted Talk with Remke that shows a science fiction future where robots can do what people and animals do – it may be closer than you think!
Product Information Downloads at Your Fingertips from Remke Industries

Product Information Downloads Offered by Remke

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A convenient, one-stop source for all available product information downloads from Remke. From product literature and compliance information to whitepapers and infographics, it's all in one place!