M12 sensor connector with distribution

Solving customers’ connectivity problems is our specialty at Remke! Take for instance, Jernberg Industries of Chicago IL.

They manufacture highly-engineered, heat-treated, forged parts for the automotive industry and they have a big problem. The sensor connectors on the press transfer systems were failing, and causing everything to stop. Water and graphite were getting into the connections and shorting out sensors.

As they looked for a solution, they ran into one roadblock after another. Prices from Molex and others were incredibly expensive, and couldn’t deliver the flawless results they needed. Plus, cable length was an issue, with only one option available for a fit across the press arm.

And then they found Remke Sensor Connectors. 

Working closely with the Remke Engineered Solutions Team, Jernberg was able to fully solve every issue they faced.

M12 sensor connector with distribution boxThe result is 85-90% reduction in downtime! In fact, Mike Essary, the Jernberg Maintenance Manager reports “zero issues with the Remke product”.

Remke’s custom sensor connectors were the long-term, cost-effective fix that Jernberg desperately needed.

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