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Summer Is Here And The Heat Is On, Do Your Connectors Beat The Heat?

If you’re in welding, paper production, food processing or a similar industry, you understand the effects of high heat and what it can do to materials not equipped to handle it.

Hot environments require reliable, heavy duty connections that perform no matter what the temperature.

High heat, direct heat, or fluctuating temperatures need connectors built with materials that can withstand these harsh elements.

Remke’s Industrial Strength, Strain Relief, High-Heat Connectors Endure These Grueling Environments Keeping Your Connections Secure While Minimizing Downtime

Our high-heat connectors are made of stainless steel, silicone, Valox and nickel-plated aluminum — all designed to perform and protect.

Choose from a Variety of Cable Strain Relief Options Suited to Meet the Demands of Your Application:

An Easy Infographic to Break it All Down

Cable strain relief for harsh environments, an infographic by Remke


Learn more about Remke’s heavy-duty electrical connectors for all types of environments. Shop our online catalog for in-stock strain relief cable connectors for or have us create custom electrical connectors to your exact specs. Contact us today!