Cable glands for industrial applications provide environmental protection and strain relief. Remke Blog

Options For Dome Cap Cable Glands From Remke

Cable Glands with the Right Configuration to Meet Specifications for Any Application

Generally speaking, cable glands provide exceptional environmental protection in many types of applications.

But did you know they can also deliver strain relief to reduce cable pullout? And were you aware that there are different types of materials and configurations to adapt standard, dome cap cable glands to your application’s specs?

NEMA & IP Rated Cable Glands

Remke’s cable glands are rated for NEMA 6 and IP 68 specifications, making them suitable for use under water. They can be submerged up to 165 ft. in some configurations.

Use them in pumps, fountains, marine applications and more.

Cabale Gland 90-Degree Snap Elbow Non-MetallicNon-Metallic Cable Glands

Remke manufacturers nylon cable glands designed to withstand corrosion and other harmful environmental factors better than their metal counterparts.

A 90-degree, snap elbow cable gland is also available in non-metallic material and can be submerged up to 130 ft.


EMC Cable Glands from Remke

Gen 4 EMC Cable Glands

Our redesigned Gen 4 EMC Cable Glands feature 6 tines (fingers) with larger contact surfaces to lower contact resistance on woven cable braids or foil shields.

They allow easy insertion of the cable from either side, without damaging the cable shield.


Spiral Flex Extended Cable Glands for greater support and arc of bend. Remke Blog

Spiral Flex Cable Glands

When you need increased support, or arc of bend, consider Remke Spiral Flex Cable Glands. They prevent sharp bends or kinks in the cable for additional protection when bending and flexing is an issue.

Nickel-Plated Brass Cable Glands

When you need extra corrosion resistance in an industrial environment, nickel-plated brass cable glands could be the right choice.

They are available in a large range of sizes and thread styles, including NPT, ISO/metric and Pg.

Ventilation Plugs

Combat humidity with a ventilation plug to prevent pressure increase inside the enclosure and limit temperature increase due to air circulation. Ventilation plugs for cable glands are permeable to gasses and vapors, but impermeable to liquid and dust. They are available in polyamide or stainless steel.

Cable Gland Add-Ons

Any of Remke’s cable glands can be customized for your application. We can add O-Rings, Locknuts and Blind Stop Plugs to any cable gland in inventory.