Remke Cable Entry Expanaded View of Panel Interface.

Remke introduces BRM Cable Entry Plates designed to reduce install time and increase efficient use of space.

Remke Cable Entry Expanaded View of Panel Interface.When do you use a cable entry plate?  Whenever and wherever you have to accommodate a number of different use cables, wires and/or pneumatic hoses into one compact area.  Remke’s latest cable entry system addition allows electricians, panel builders and engineers to efficiently make use of limited space by employing either their BRM12 or BRM23 cable entry system.

A Multi-Hole Cable Entry System Saves Space

At a very compact opening cut out size of just 112 mm x 36 mm (4.41 in. x 1.42 in.), Remke’s BRM cable entry plate system has an extremely small footprint but delivers big in the way of cable and wire management solutions.  Using the built in clips, the BRM series simply clicks in place, or you can secure the cable entry gland plate with 4 screws (optional: M4 x 0.7 x 20 mm,  Fitted with an M3 Allen Head).  The cable entry plate itself measures 148 mm x  60 mm x 13. 5 mm (5. 83 in x 2.36 in x 0.531 in) and comes in either 12 entry or 23 entry configurations.

Ultra flexible Butyl IIR Rubber membrane ensures ingress protection for a large range of cable diameters.  The BRM12 can accommodate cables/wires from 5mm to 13 mm/ 0.197 in to 0.512 in.  The BRM23 accomodates cables/wires from 4.0 mm to 8.5 mm; 0.157 in to 0.335 in.  All Remke BRM cable pass through solutions are intended for non-connectorized cables and wires.  Ingress protection meets IP65, Type 12, Type 13 and Type 4X, which translates into resisting dust, dirt and moisture very effectively, even to the point of repeated washdowns.

Strain Relief and Cable Entry Gland Plates

Strain relief, while not as robust as what a stand alone cord grip with wire mesh would provide, is still impressive given it’s diminutive profile.  Unlike most other cable entry plates on the market, Remke’s cable pass through plate utilizes a special back sealing plate that ensures a tight fit.  Most other cable entry systems we surveyed do not feature this important strain relief element, making them less secure and could cause undue failure even with the slightest of stress on the cable.  Best of all, cable entry plates entry’s are reusable even if the cable is removed and then replaced with another smaller cable.

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The BRM12 Cable Entry Plate - Front View The BRM12 Cable Entry Plate - Rear View The BRM23 Cable Entry Plate - Front View The BRM23 Cable Entry Plate - Rear View

Got extreme temperatures?  No need to worry, the BRM cable entry gland series can withstand temps from -40° to 176° F.  In addition, it carries a UL Fire Class Flammability rating to UL94.  The BRM cable entry system meets and exceeds NEMA 4X, UL 508A, UL 50E and CSA C22.2 No. 14-18.Need a Solution?Contact your Remke Representative today to learn more about the Remke BRM Cable Entry Plate system and how it can reduce costs, save space and significantly lower installation times over traditional cord grip choices.For more information on the BRM multiple opening cable entry systems offered by Remke, click here.

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