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Have you heard of the Alliance for American Manufacturing?  I had not before reading this article on the Industry Week magazine website last week.  Entitled ‘ Job Creation – Here’s What Washington Must Do’ this article offers a long list of ideas that Washington could embrace to create jobs including:

  • Establish a national infrastructure bank to leverage capital for large-scale transportation & energy projects
  • Apply “Buy America” provisions to all federal spending so that American workers & businesses get the first shot at government contracts
  • Shift some educational investment to rebuilding vocational & technical skills programs to address shortages in the manufacturing sector
  • Give American businesses new tools to counter China’s currency manipulation, intellectual property theft and industrial subsidies

This article also gave a list of steps that President Obama could do on his own without Congressional approval such as:

  • Kick any CEO off of federal advisory boards or jobs councils who has (1) not created net new American jobs over the past 5 years, and (2) is expanding the company’s foreign workforce at a faster rate than its domestic workforce
  • Expedite small business loans through the SBA and Treasury Department to help firms expand, retool and hire
  • Direct the Department of Defense to leverage existing procurement to contractors that commit to increasing their domestic content of our military equipment, technology and supplies.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing describes itself as a non-partisan, non-profit organization focused on strengthening manufacturing in the United States.  Some food for thought and perhaps action?

Please read the article and tell us – what do you think of their ideas?  What should America do to create jobs? And thank you for subscribing to our blog EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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