Better Business Brainstorming Methods - Brainswarming by Spark Business IQ

As we start 2015 and have a new batch of business goals to achieve, a good old-fashioned brainstorming session is likely on your calendar. It’s been the standard way for teams to generate ideas for decades.

But is the old-fashioned way still the best way to brainstorm? 

In this article from Spark Business IQ titled “Brainstorming Methods for Your Business”, the format of traditional brainstorming sessions is challenged with some new ideas.

“As sexy as brainstorming is, with people popping like champagne with ideas, what actually happens is when one person is talking you’re not thinking of your own ideas,” says Leigh Thompson, a management professor at the Kellogg School to Fast Company. “Sub-consciously you’re already assimilating to my ideas.”

Better Business Brainstorming Methods - Brainswarming by Spark Business IQ

Instead, they suggest allowing people time to brainstorming individually, before coming together as a team. Writing down ideas ahead of time gives people time to think and creatively come up with their own solutions, without getting trapped inside someone else’s ideas.

At the brainstorming meeting, everyone can simultaneously post their ideas on a wall for consideration by the team. The best ideas rise to the top and spur further conversation.

They call this method Brainswarming. 

“Go about the idea-generation in a focused, disciplined manner that ensures everyone is given a chance to contribute”

The New Brainswarming Rules

Give everyone time to themselves to think, then bring people together to share ideas

Require everyone to contribute ideas and give them a chance to fully express them before anyone shoots them down. 

If someone does shoot down an idea, they must have an alternative suggestion.

Read the full article to learn more about the Brainswarming Technique and how to make it happen.

These are such great ideas and we’re going to try them ourselves at Remke this year. It’s new ideas like these that keep us going strong as we enter our 51st year. Happy 2015!