Best Cord Grips for Cold Weather -

What Cord Grips to Use in Cold Temperatures

When temperatures dip down to freezing levels, the integrity of equipment can be compromised. When it comes to cord grips, the actual cord grip itself is one of the most important aspects to creating reliable electrical connections.

In fact, one of the very first things you should consider when selecting the right cord grip for a frigid environment is the material — they aren’t all created equal, and you have quite a few options.

While standard aluminum, steel and nylon work just fine for dry, indoor locations, often times you need something more. The most dependable seals in a harsh environmental applications are found with Stainless Steel, Valox, and Nickel-Plated Aluminum.

Top Cord Grip Materials for Cold Environments

Stainless Steel

These offer exceptional tensile strength and the highest levels of durability in severely corrosive, harsh environments. They’re ideal for many types of harsh applications, and are a durable, low-maintenance material that withstands exposure to acids, chemicals  and chlorine-bearing agents, making it ideal for marine and food processing environments. Compare manufacturers.



This non-metallic cord grip material won’t absorb moisture and meets many FDA and specifications for food contact, as well as medical uses. It’s impact-resistant, chemical-resistant and can withstand high heat along with cold temps. This makes them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors to prevent cable pullout and control arc of bend.


Nickel-Plated Aluminum

These provide a lightweight alternative to higher-priced stainless steel. Ideal for applications requiring exceptional corrosion and wear resistance, with the non-toxic nature making it especially suitable for all types of food-handling equipment. In addition, it provides rugged corrosion and wear resistance, along with corrosion from many alkalis and weak acids.


Additional Cord Grip Advice

When choosing a grip for harsh weather conditions, it’s important to work with dedicated, experienced electrical connector suppliers like Remke. They can provide in-depth explanations and services that will provide you with the proper cord grip for a given application, including customized solutions if the ideal cord grip doesn’t yet exist.

The Remke Difference

Given all the options, it takes a knowledge-based approach to navigate through the various possibilities. To explore Remke’s expansive inventory that’s ready to ship right from our manufacturing center in Chicago, check out our online catalog or connect with us by calling 877-438-8933 to learn more.