Alternative and Renewable Energy Solutions by Remke

With growth comes great responsibility — make sure your connections keep up.

If you’re in the renewable or alternative energy industry, you’re probably aware that demand for electricity shows no signs of slowing.

In fact, it’s expected to grow by an average of 2.4% per year. And, according to the International Energy Agency, “World energy demand will grow by two-thirds in the next 30 years.”

Reliable components that keep wind turbines, thermal electric solar power plants and hydro-electric facilities powered up are not only desired, but expected.

At Remke, we believe the best connectors are connectors that work, no matter what the environment.

We’ve developed a wide variety of connectors for various types of alternative and renewable energy designed to withstand the harshest environments to deliver reliable and cost-effective connections that work.

Solar Power

Remke’s family of Helio-Link Solar Connector products provide effective cabling for grid-tie systems, open spaces, rooftops and in building integrated systems.

  • Field assembly without special tools
  • Mateable with current industry standards
  • Silver-plated machined contacts
  • IP 68 Rated
  • Current rated 40A max
  • Quick-ship custom cable assemblies or PV output extension leads
  • Grid tie products available (grounding, bonding, terminating)

Learn more about Helio-Link Solar Connectors and see how we stack up against the competition.

Hydro Electric Power

Remke is dedicated to providing high performance electrical connectors for HydroPower plants worldwide.

  • We offer a comprehensive line of stainless steel cord connectors and liquidtight stainless steel cord grips designed to withstand corrosive environments.
  • Our power connectors and wire management products keep hydraulic power systems, turbine and generator auxiliary systems, excitation systems and frequency and voltage control systems performing as expected.
  • We provide rugged electrical connections for governors, control and protection panels, metal clad switchgear, HV/LV/DC equipment, powerhouse cranes and elevators, main and auxiliary transformers.Renewable Energy with Remke

Learn more about our complete line of connectors and wire management systems designed to support the Hydro Electric Power industry.

Wind Energy

Remke provides reliable, exceptional electrical products designed to exceed the demands of the fastest growing energy source in the world — wind energy.

  • Our electrical components help sustain the mechanical drive train, power generation or pitch and yaw in the Nacelle.
  • Get the cable support needed in the Tower and stay connected with our reliable electrical connections.
  • We’ve got you covered. Whether you need power connectors grounding connectors or wire management products — From Tower Base to Substation Equipment.

Learn more about Remke’s Wind Energy products designed to help you harness the power of the wind and deliver it to the electrical grid.