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Internet marketing continues to be a moving target with something always changing or evolving.

Subscribing to numerous e-newsletters and attending conferences helps the Remke marketing team ‘try’ to stay on top of things but it’s not easy as many of you probably know.  When we read this article recently in one of our e-newsletters we thought it might be helpful to share the ideas with you.

4 Internet Marketing Trends to be Aware Of

  • Emphasis on Inbound Marketing Techniques
    2013 will see an increased emphasis on creating, nurturing and converting leads through strategically placed content.  Brands will try to ‘insert’ themselves into the natural conversation happening all around us instead of ‘interrupting’ daily activities.  Brands need to appear in the places customers & prospects are looking and they will be doing that with more strategic blogging, email marketing, retargeting, white papers, social activity and other methods
  • Responsive Design
    None of us can predict how visitors will access our websites – PC, mobile or tablets.  Instead of creating separate experiences for each, in 2013 brands will look to create one experience for all.  Called Responsive Design, through this process a site changes based on the size of the device used.  Even Google is recommending this process as the best way to optimize for mobile.  Responsive layouts take developing for specific screen resolutions out of the design/development equation.  Instead, site layout is based on predefined minimum & maximum pixel dimensions.
  • Content Marketing
    Content has always been hailed as ‘king’ on websites.  But now with search engine updates specifically geared at rewarding high quality content (and penalizing low quality content) more & more sites should be looking at their content development programs.  The result will be a larger focus on creating content that provides a great value to searchers.  And it means that businesses will have to take a much more strategic approach to content marketing.
  • A Process for Social Media
    Many brands have gotten involved in social media without giving much thought to the ‘why’ or ‘what’ they were hoping to get out of it.  But as this medium matures brands will need to start creating a smarter social media framework that identifies objectives for getting involved and determining metrics that will show whether you’ve reached them or not.

Have you factored any of these trends into your marketing plans for 2013?  Will you?  Staying in front of the eightball is hard but we hope this information will help you do just that!  And as always, thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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