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CONGRATULATIONS to Grant Price of Egan Company in Minnesota, and to Bill Schuster of Advance Lifts in Illinois.  Their application photos were so good that we awarded both of them First Place in the First Ever Remke Photo Contest for September.

Both Grant and Bill won a $125 Amazon Gift Card and we know they are enjoying their shopping trip on  They application stories are very interesting and we wanted to share those with you.

Remke - Photo Contest

Grant Price, Egan Company

“Our customer needed a custom length of cable that was durable enough to hold up in an outdoor application and be a quick connection.  We needed to pre-assemble the cords into junction boxes so they could be installed on the equipment on site.  We used them to interlock E-stops and interconnect the controls for 12 mobile material transfer conveyors that when assembled were 1500 ft. long.  The application needed to stay running 24 hours a day in a Mexican gold mining operation.  We were told they worked out great in this application.

The reason we chose Remke is you are the most flexible with making custom size cables and have the fastest turnaround of products even when it is not a standard size.”

Thank you Grant.  Satisfied customers are the best prize of all!

Bill Schuster, Advance Lifts

“Application Description – material handling lift.  They use it as a quick disconnect from the operator station mounted on the other side of the lift to the control box.  It saves a considerable amount of installation time because the cables can be wired as they are building the control box but then given to anybody for installation at a later date.”

Thanks Bill!  So glad our molded connector did the job!!

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