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CONGRATULATIONS to Jason Hyman with City Electric Supply/Charleston, Ted Wenc with Littell, Chris Murray with V-Power Equipment and Kris Kamakian with Meltric.  Their application photos were so good that we awarded each of them First Place in the Remke Photo Contest for October.  Each won a $125 Amazon Gift Card  (and Kris an extra $50 for her photo of a Remke stainless steel connector) and we know they are enjoying their shopping trip on  Here’s what they told us about their electrical connector application……

Jason Hyman, City Electric Supply/Charleston

“Application Description – In recent years Halloween Express has grown and their requirements for power and air conditioning became larger and required 2/0 multi conductor portable cord.  We could only use a 2” cord grip and from my research Remke was the most prominent company to stock this product.  Remke was able to get the connector out on overnight shipping and that allowed this shop to be open one day later.  While taking these pictures I spoke to the customer and he stated that he had never used a connector as well made in his 25 year career.  (note – I did not ask for this statement.)  You can clearly see in the photos that the Remke cord grip is very capable of holding an eight pound per foot cable without any extra assistance.

Thank you Jason!  Satisfied customers are why we do what we do!

Chris Murray, V-Power Equipment

“Application Description – Temporary Drainage Pumps & Controls for a Powerhouse in Oregon.  We used the Remke RSR Series Cord Grips with wire mesh to prevent cable pullout and contaminants from entering the electrical control panel.”

Thanks Chrisl!  So glad our cord grip with mesh did the job!!

Ted Wenc, Littell

“Application Description – Currently we are using Remke connectors in our terminal box and control enclosure applications on the scroll sheeting equipment that we design and assemble.  We have used these Remke connectors for years and have had great success with them.”

Thank you Ted!  It’s always good to hear when customers have success with our connectors!

Kris Kamakian, Meltric

“Application Description – Meltric Corporation manufactures switch-rated plugs and receptacles out of Franklin, WI.  Remke cord grips are our #1 choice for a secure watertight connection and for harsh environments.  Pictured is our plug and receptacle with a Remke Stainless Steel cord grip with mesh on a power distribution box.”

Thanks Kris!  We’re working hard to make sure folks know about our line of Stainless Steel connectors and appreciate you naming us as Meltric’s #1 choice!

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