Aluminum Liquidtight Connectors

Remke ALM-Series Liquidtight Liqua-Seal Connectors

Remke’s new Liquidtight Aluminum cord grips are made of high-quality, forged aluminum with a natural sleek finish. These connectors were made for superior strength and durability in many different applications including hazardous environments.

Liquidtight Connectors Stand-Up Against Corrosion

Newly designed Remke ALM-Series Liquidtight Connectors supply a solid seal against oil, water, dust, dirt and fumes making them highly dependable specifically in hazardous applications. Wet and corrosive environments both indoors and outdoors are no match for these cord grips. Ideal for use in Class I/DIV II hazardous locations.

The new line of Remke ALM-Series Liquidtight Aluminum Connectors have certifications pending from NEMA 4, UL, and CSA.

Aluminum Liquidtight Connectors

Durably Seal for Better Connections in Any Application

The ALM- Series Liquidtight cord grips are equip with Liqua-Seal permanent waterproofing technology for a seal you can trust.

Additionally, a reusable ferrule with maximum surface contact creates an even better seal as well as a permanent metal-to-metal ground.

The insulated throat is specially designed to protect against wire damage while machined, tapered NPT threads add to the protection these cord grips provide.

Multiple Configurations to Choose From

Available in sizes ranging from 3/8″ to 2″ in both straight and 90-degree configurations, Remke’s Liqua-Seal Aluminum Connectors are in stock and ready to ship!

If the exact product you need for your project is not in the standard line talk to Remke Engineered Solutions to develop an application-specific solution to meet your needs!