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It’s taken us 50 years to become a premier manufacturer of electrical connectors, cord grips and more, building Remke Industries from the ground up. During that time, we’ve had growing pains, worked incredibly hard for many victories, experienced unexpected successes and a dealt with recession that kept us awake at night.

We’ve found new ways to use time-tested materials and methods to create better products, in shorter production runs. A foundation of amazing people has been built and we’ve learned lessons from every one of them, from customers to employees, past and present.

But this isn’t going to be one of those articles where we pat ourselves on the back and tell you how great the last 50 years have been. They’re in the past. And although they are important, we have our eyes set on the future.

And the future is so bright we need industrial-strength sunblock.

Remke Celebrates 50 Years

We’ve gained the wisdom, insight and expertise it takes in the first 50 years, to launch us to new levels of success, service and innovation during the next 50.

5 Things Remke Learned in the First 50 Years to Make the Next 50 Incredible

 1. Personal service that exceeds expectations
Our customers are our lifeblood, and we help sustain theirs. Delivering very personal service, understanding what they really need to succeed, and then exceeding their expectations has been paramount to everyone at Remke. It’s what makes a new customer happy, and turns them into loyal customers that turn to us to solve problems and offer solutions.

2. Make the right component the first time by fully understanding customers’ needs
The foundation of delivering the right electrical connector the first time is to fully understand customers’ needs. It’s also an integral part of providing personal service.  This philosophy has led us to create high-quality electrical connectors that work the right way the first time, and work correctly for a long time.

3. Stay nimble in every situation to learn and apply knowledge
Future progress depends on the learning curve. With so much changing in technology, materials and manufacturing, staying nimble is crucial to our past and future success. Being a small company helps us stay flexible to meet the specifications of each customer, not just supply products.

4. Simplicity of design and production delivers quality in small quantities
Our cutting edge production environment helps us deliver custom solutions to all types of companies, big and small, for all types of requirements. From short, custom production runs to large runs of stock electrical connectors, Remke has everyone covered. It’s our way of simultaneously seeing each tree and the entire forest.

5. Treat employees well for long term success
Remke’s employees take care of customers, and each other. Treating them right means they treat customers well. It’s a cycle that centers on people, and ours are some of the best. This commitment to employees has created a core group that’s been with us for decades. Offering opportunities to grow and learn gives employees a reason to care about their jobs and the customers they serve. They take care of us and we take care of them.

With our eyes set keenly on the future, and 50 years’ experience under our belts, we’re excited about the coming years! We’re working on new, innovative ways to deliver the right electrical connectors to you! Watch for more information.