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There is only so much space on a control panel, and you need to make each centimeter count. Here are some ideas on how to maximize the space and get the most from your electrical connectors and panels.

5 Ways to Save Space on Control Panels

Use Square-Shaped Knock-outs and Connectors
Traditional circle-shaped, knock-out and electrical connectors should be replaced with square-shaped ones if space is a concern. They fit together tighter and utilize the space that would otherwise occur between the circles. Square-shaped connectors allow you to place more connections in a single panel.

multiple hole bushingsUse Multiple-Hole Bushings
Terminate several loose cables into cord grips with one simple fitting – a multiple-hole bushing. Instead of connecting each cable separately, combine them into one and not only save space, but equipment and labor costs as well! Learn more in this infographic on Multiple-Hole Bushings >

Eliminate Old Components
Older cables, connectors and other components tend to be larger and take up more space. Advances in technology have helped create smaller components that take up less space. Whether it’s the electrical connector, cables or the panel itself, replacing them with modern, slimmer designs can help you make the most of your space.

Utilize the Enclosure’s Corner Space
One of the most under-utilized spaces in an enclosure is the corners. In traditional control panels, it is unused completely. However, new advances in design have brought about methods of using it to the fullest. Using a corner wiring duct can save up to 12% of space on the sub-panels and decrease the overall enclosure footprint by up to 18%. A whitepaper from Panduit Corp. called “Space Optimization for Control Panels” has some great information on how to make it happen.

Bus system connectorsUtilize Bus Systems
Control groups of connections at the same time, from the same panel, instead of creating separate enclosures for each one.

A Bus System Connector is also ideal for harsh environments where corrosion and other tough elements exist. Remke’s Bus System Connectors are Rated for IP68 conditions.

For any control panel, it is essential to also get the right cooling systems in place to prevent overheating.

Remke has many options for molded connectors, cord grips, bus system connectors and all types of industrial electrical connectors to help you get the most from your control panels.

Most components are in-stock and ready to ship, or we can create connectors to your exact specs.

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