Tips to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors from Remke Industries

Electrical Connectors And Cord Grips Are An Essential Component Of Most If Not All Industrial Applications

If electrical connectors fail, leak, or degrade, your entire system can breakdown along with them – leaving you with costly downtime and profit loss.

As a manager, departmental lead, or operations director, you always have a lot on your plate. But by following some basic guidelines, the life of your electrical connectors and cord grips can be maintained, and even extended. This can increase safety, non-conformance issues, productivity and the overall efficiency of the application.

Take These Proactive Steps to Extend the Life of Your Electric Connectors and Cord Grips:

1. Identify the Environmental Factors in Advance

Consider the environment that the connector will be immersed in. High temperature? Acidic? Highly Corrosive? Water immersed? Extreme cold? These factors play into what kind of connector you should select for the application.

2. Choose the Right Material for the Job

All electrical connectors weren’t created equal, and Remke happens to carry one of the most diverse inventories nationwide! The right material can make all the difference, from stainless steel and aluminum, to nylon and Valox – our connectors are made to withstand the toughest elements and most adverse environments.

Read more about Remke cable connectors and cord grips here.

Performing regular maintenance for connector longevity and more tips -

3. Perform Regular Maintenance Checks and Make Repairs on Time

Make inspections and safety checks part of your monthly routine. Inspect your connectors regularly and repair them before they are damaged beyond saving. Maintain a stock of spare connectors to replace any damaged components and avoid unnecessary downtime.

4. Maintain Records

In your record keeping, be sure to document the installation of certain pieces of equipment and connectors. If there is a failure, document the date, cause and method of repair. Highlight areas of concern and detail the root cause of the problem. This can help develop a preventative path to catch failures before they occur.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Find a Customized Solution

Sometimes, what’s available just doesn’t fit the bill. Take control of the production line and get exactly what you need for any demanding environment with Remke Engineered Solutions. Our range of engineering capabilities allow us to take a stock product and tweak it just a bit, or develop an entirely new design from the ground up. Regardless, we are always operating within our client’s production and budgetary parameters.

Proper selection and regular maintenance of your electrical connectors is crucial to keeping downtime at a minimum and your system running efficiently and reliably.

For more information, download the Remke whitepaper, “How to Choose the Right Cable Connectors to Avoid Downtime.”

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