Declutter Your Inbox and More

While looking for ways to declutter our email inboxes, we ran across this great article with 5 ways to Unclutter your Digital Life in 2015 on Mashable.

Not only are there some great email clean-up tips, but the author, Stephanie Walden, also has great tips for uncluttering your computer and smartphone too! Here’s the rundown…

1] Upgrade software, programs and apps to keep them running more smoothly so you can be more productive. This also keeps your devices more secure with security patches.

2] Cut the cords, and organize the ones you can’t get rid of by switching to wireless devices (literally) and getting rid of outdated, expensive things like cable TV. There’s so much you can do with a TV online these days!

5 Ways to Declutter Digital Life and Inbox -

3] Organize your computer desktop, browsers and files by just taking some time, but also using some handy programs that make it easy to clean out the junk. Simply sorting your files by date, and mass-deleting old ones, you can free up tons of space.

4] Organize your smartphone with apps that easily categorize and group photos, files, apps and more so you don’t need to spend time searching. It’s also a great time to delete those apps you never use!

5] Cutting clutter from your inbox full of email makes opening it, and dealing with it, easier in the long run! There are several great tools out there for unsubscribing, labeling, categorizing and better managing your email inbox.

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Remke Will Personally Reduce Your Email Inbox!!

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