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Every time you’re outside or inside sales team talks to a prospect they have a chance to build trust so that the prospect will want to hear from them again.

At a time when prospects are feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, your sales team can stand out from the competition by learning how to build trust.

Give prospects a reason to listen.  Here are several ideas that your sales team can use right away:

  • Do Your Homework
    • Don’t fly blind……don’t make a sales call knowing nothing about the person being called
    • Make sure your sales team knows who they are calling and why – know something about their company & industry
    • Show the prospect you have a specific reason for WHY you thought they’d like to hear from you  today!
  • Ask Questions
    • Ask questions that will evoke a thoughtful response
    • Use open ended questions like ‘What is the biggest challenge facing your business (related to your solution)? OR ‘How would you feel if your team could achieve significant productivity boost at a lower cost?’ or something like that which relates to your product or service
  • Listen for Unspoken Needs
    • Make sure your sales team can ‘read between the lines’ or a conversation to find hidden opportunities
    • Have your sales team uncover the needs of the prospect by delving deeper into the conversation and really listening to what the prospect is saying
  • Offer Something of Value
    • Every time your sales team talks to a prospect there’s an opportunity to show them that you genuinely care about their challenges and that you want to be a trusted business partner
    • SO – offer the prospect something of value without tying it to the expectation of a sale……like maybe some sort of business intelligence….or thoughts on industry trends….or some sort of guide, white paper or presentation…..maybe share a success story from a similar company in their industry
    • Little acts of generosity are building blocks for a more trusting relationship
  • Take Your Time
    • DON’T ASK for the sale too soon!
    • Show prospects you are in it for the long haul and are willing to develop a solid working relationship with them over time…….show prospects you are committed to their success and willing to keep talking with them for the long-term
    • NURTURE the relationship and prospects will be more likely to trust you and eventually buy from you

If your sales team does this have you seen success?  And if your sales team doesn’t do this will you try this new approach?  We hope you’ll LIKE and SHARE this blog with your colleagues, and as always thanks for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.