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As business owners and operators, the team at Remke Industries, is always interested in professional development and self-improvement. Until recently, that involved attending a conference, reading a book, or perusing a relevant article. And while all those methods of learning are still possible today, it has become increasingly difficult to sit down and read a book cover-to-cover or set aside the time to attend a relevant conference taking place across the country. Welcome to the world of podcasts!

What’s a podcast?

Podcasts are digital files that people listen to. It’s like listening to the radio, but you get to decide what you want to listen to, when, and where you want to do it. It’s like a cross between DVR and the radio. Podcast channels can be found on almost any smart phone and are free.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to finding and using podcasts on your smartphone.

Podcasts serve as sources of entertainment but can also be your new favorite way to get timely information in a fast-paced business world.

Manufacturing podcasts to check out

The Manufacturing Report

Manufacturing is having a moment. But what will it actually take to create more blue-collar jobs and strengthen our industrial base? Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul chats with policymakers, manufacturing experts and factory workers to find out.


The MakingChips Podcast for Manufacturing Leaders

Join Jason Zenger, Jim Carr, and the Metalworking Nation as they discuss how manufacturing leaders are elevating their skills, solving their problems and growing their business. This inspiring & entertaining podcast show has been featured by IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show), Modern Machine Shop, AMT, Cutting Tool Engineering, The MFG Show, MakerCast-Podcast for Makers, Edge Factor and more!

Get the insights and tools that you need to think differently about the business of machining, engineering, design, tooling, CNC machine tools, marketing, women in manufacturing, 3D printing, family business, robots, ISO International Standards, manufacturing news, STEM curriculum, welding, fabricating, social media, networking, CAM / CAD, vending systems, tool crib management, continuous improvement, ERP / MRP, digital manufacturing (IoT) and MORE!


Advanced Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Podcast (AMP) is a regularly published podcast for the manufacturing industry. Each episode features some of the biggest rock stars in manufacturing and related fields. New technology, processes, ideas, and approaches, are just the surface of what they cover in each episode.


The Art of Manufacturing: Entrepreneurship

Manufacturing is sexy. Sounds crazy? Just wait! Every Thursday, Z Holly takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at how people who make stuff are trying to ‘make it’ in their industries. Get a sneak peek inside these risk-takers’ factories and studios — and most of all, their minds. If you’ve ever wondered how to build a brand, a business, or just a better mousetrap, tune in and enjoy.


From Concept to Market A-Z

Do you have the next big idea, but not sure how to launch it? Or do you have a small business and want to take it to the next level? Welcome to the Surf Goggles Chronicles – a bipolar business roller coaster. From concept to market, through horror and success learn how Kurtis and Jon launched Kurtis Eyewear from their garage to 65 countries worldwide. From a prototype of tin foil and rubber bands, learn how these 2 guys navigated, patents, trademarks, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce and worldwide sales. Plus learn from their interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, best-selling authors and brand creators so you can avoid the horror and achieve success by learning from their adventures.


Do you have a manufacturing podcast you love? We’d love to know!
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